Field Goals Fitness now brings personal training to you - wherever, whenever - through Field Goals LiVE, our online personal training community. Featuring live video workouts, interactive online education, downloadable meal plans and recipes, and heaps more, this is
Fitness Redefined!



for instant access to this value-packed program

Only $299 for 12 months (paid upfront) or $29 per month


You get exclusive access to the following weekly content:

  • Two live 30 minute workout videos
  • One live bio-mechanic queuing educational video
  • One live 10-15 minute focus topic discussion / Q&A video, plus related article
  • Healthy eating guide, including recipes and a diet diary
  • Recap emails and downloads

PLUS... you get member-only access to my 12-week group challenges run throughout the year!

How it works...

Guided Workouts

Each week there will be two live workout videos in the private Field Goals LiVE Facebook group. At the start of each workout video I will explain which exercises we will be doing, and provide tips and techniques throughout. Watch the video to the left to see an example of the session structure.



Healthy Eating Guide

You will receive a 1 page downloadable Healthy Eating Guide each week, which includes a 7 day diet plan, one of my top nutritional tips, and a featured recipe, with the added bonus of an ingredient shopping list.

Soon you will have a comprehensive collection of healthy "go to" meals to make your health and fitness journey that much easier. And tastier!




Day Time Session
Monday 4pm Introduction to movement
Wednesday 9am Workout
Thursday 1:30pm Focus topic - discussion or Q&A
Friday 2:30pm Workout
Field goals live (4)

12 x monthly payments of $29

(With first month free!)


1 x annual payment of $299