Who’s really supporting you and your health and fitness goals?

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SO you’ve decided to get fit or perhaps cut back on the drinks. Maybe get that gym membership with aspirations of entering a running festival. That feeling you get when you make the decision to act! It’s all empowering. Nothing can stand in your way!! Or so you thought.

When we set out to achieve a health or fitness goal, we are making a conscious effort to create change. In doing so we subconsciously look for support from our closest circle of friends/family. Initially this support is recognised with comments like…
“That’s fantastic, I’m so proud of you!”
“I wish I had your determination.”
“If you need anything, we’re right here for you!”

Believe me, all these comments are meant in sincerity. Unfortunately though, this support is often forgotten at times when it matters most.

– The Friday night drinks
– The mid week work lunch
– Best friend’s Sunday BBQ
– Work colleagues going away party
– That friend you rarely catch up with ‘for drinks’

This is when your closest friends, even your loved ones start to unwittingly sabotage your goals. Comments like…
“One drink won’t kill you”
“Come on, how often do we catch up?”
“It’s Sunday!”
“It’s Friday!”
“It’s my Birthday!”
“I’ll just pour you half a glass”
Or my personal favourite…
“Your PT’s not hear. He won’t know.” 🙂

There’s a very simple reason why we do this. And I say ‘we’ because we all do it. Yep, even me.

Simply put, “It’s because your goals are not my goals.”

Your closest support structure, the same people we’ve already identified as the most influential in your life really do want the best for you, as long as it doesn’t effect the current relationship they share with you. In other words, they fully support your goal to lose weight as long as it doesn’t effect your Friday catch up at the pub.
They’re not interested in having change thrust upon them. And your goal (which may include cutting back Friday pub lunches) has now seriously changed their own weekly habits. So, they try to convince you that your goal is completely achievable without touching this part of theirlife, by throwing one of the previously mentioned statements at you… “come on, one drink won’t kill you.”

If you decide to have that drink, I guarantee you will receive full support from the person you’re with because balance has now been restored. To them, your weight loss goal comes a distant second to their goal. Which is, not losing their drinking buddy. By you having that drink, it now makes them happy which, in turn makes you happy. Their goal is achieved. At the expense of yours.

Overcoming sabotage

Successfully achieved goals require habits. It’s been said before, ‘Motivation will get you started, habit will keep you going.’ And like any habit, repetition is key. The more your closest circle of friends see evidence of your sincerity to hit your goal, the less likely they will be to sabotage it and you.
Initially your biggest supporter is the person who knows the least – your personal trainer.
As a fitness coach, I like to know those closest to the client I am training (Mum, Dad, Husband, Wife, best friend, etc) to encourage a deeper level of support and a wider circle of motivation. This tactic really does help my clients to stay the course.

Creating a plan

Winning over those closest to you so that they provide real support comes with it’s own challenges, The best way to successfully achieve your goals is to create a succession plan. Here’s four simple steps to help you create your very own map to help you achieve your goals. Making these steps a part of your week will show your friends and family just how serious you are.

1. Define your Goals

If your goal is weight loss, define how much you want to lose. Then based on comfortably losing half a kilogram per week, how many weeks this would take to lose.

2. Look for Hurdles

If this weight loss goal equates to 12 weeks for example, look at your calendar for any upcoming events that are already marked down for you, over this period. Birthday’s, concerts, dinners, etc.
Once you identify and acknowledge these events, you will eliminate any potential surprises over this period. It’s not always easy, but doing this helps you prepare for any conversations you may need to have with your family/friends prior to, or during events.
Remember, it’s your goal, not there’s. You are the only person that can convince your closest circle of friends, just how serious and committed you are to achieving your goal.They will try to twist your arm initially by having ‘just one drink’ or ‘just a little bit of birthday cake’, but if you stay the course, they will eventually understand and really start to support you.

3. Plan your Food (preparation is key)

My suggestion, shop on a weekly basis. Start with creating a list of nights you’ll be home within that week for dinner. Then create a list of dinners you can cook on each of these nights. This gives your shopping list purpose and prevents you from wondering the aisles in the hope of some inspiration.

4. Cook twice as much

If you live by yourself, cook for two. If you live with your spouse, cook for four. It takes just as long to cook twice as much and creates virtually no extra dishes to wash. Now you have dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow. This seriously cuts down on take away! You’ll save a heap on takeaway too!

Understanding your past can unlock the key to achieving real success with your health and fitness goals.

Having a personal trainer assist you with this process provides more than just the odd motivational quote when you’re trying to get that last rep out of your 20 push ups. Personal trainers provide clarity and direction with your goals. Getting the right personal trainer who works with and understands your journey, (both past and present) is not just important. It’s imperative.

Stats time…
“6% of gym users currently have a personal trainer.
97% of these users achieve their health and fitness goals.”

If you’re struggling to stick to your personal goals and feel you would benefit from a dedicated support team working with you to provide clear direction and education on the right way to get looking and feeling your best, contact Field Goals Fitness.
It all starts with a conversation.


To your continued health and fitness,

John Field


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