Health Benefits in a Corporate World


Of all the opportunities my job provides me, nothing gives me greater pleasure than being given the chance to discuss the benefits of health and fitness to the corporate world. Having worked the “nine to five” lifestyle, I know all too well how challenging it can be to maintain a balanced diet with frequent and consistent exercise in an environment that consists of

  • Lunch meetings
  • After work drinks
  • End of year Christmas parties
  • End of financial year parties
  • Meeting your monthly target celebrations
  • ‘Client’ meetings

Not to mention the general day to day pressures of the job itself.

I run seminars which focus on the reasons behind why we do the things we do, then work towards recognising and amending these patterns.

If I were to focus on one common theme from each seminar that I run it would be this… We’re all time poor.

 “It doesn’t matter if you’re a receptionist or the CEO of a company, each and every person places the same pressures on themselves and their job. It is the same excuse as to why they ‘don’t have time’ to train. The simple truth is, we are not ‘making’ the time to train.”

Above all else, these seminars allow whole teams to stop and reflect on what they are doing for themselves and their health and fitness. It’s the perfect opportunity for individuals and teams to work towards making changes to their eating habits in an environment they spend the majority of their day in.

The seminars provide you with the tools to feel more confident, and increase your education on making the right choices for your health and wellbeing. The benefits being…

  • Maximising the hours in your day
  • Introducing an efficient and effective training routine regardless of workload
  • Highlighting current dietary behaviours and learning how to correct them.

To learn more about these seminars or to discuss an opportunity for me to speak with your company, contact me on

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