Understanding the challenge of change

Challenge of change

This year I’ve had a several new clients join Field Goals Fitness (which is always awesome!) Some have signed up for personal training, while others have decided to join the 12 Week Corporate Challenge. It’s always an exciting time when a new person makes the decision to work on their health and fitness goals. And I know making that decision isn’t easy. Some people take a long time before they take that first step. The moment they register though, it’s like a weight is lifted from their shoulders. They smile as they leave, standing a little taller, champing at the bit to start that first session. I’ll admit, it’s a pretty good buzz for me too.

I think a lot of the excitement a client experiences, comes down to the world of possibilities that lies ahead of them. And it doesn’t matter what the goal is. In that first meeting, it’s all possible.

There’s a good reason for this. And this is important. For the answer, we need to go back to the client’s decision to come and see me in the first place.

You see I’m a firm believer that at any given moment, there’s quite literally thousands, like millions of people out there thinking of starting up a new habit. Or even stopping one, like smoking.

“I’m going to take up guitar lessons.”

“I’m going to start reading a new book every month.”

“I’m going to join a touch footy team, through the week.”

“I’m going to (insert habit here)”

We all do it. And when we do it, I believe at that moment we seriously mean what we say. I know when I go on holidays, I can smash through two to three good novels. And every time the holiday comes to an end, I catch myself saying, “I’m going to continue this when I get home.” Yes, you guessed it, I’m not quite as diligent when I get back to the day to day grind.

Herein lies the answer – all new clients believe anything is possible.

At the moment they make the decision to sign up for training, in that moment they are physically and emotionally invested in and prepared for change.

Even before I say anything in our first meeting, they have already made the call to make that change. So my input serves to enforce the belief that anything is possible.

This of course, is all happening in the safety of a gym environment. They’re talking to a personal trainer. The conversation is all about training programs and healthy food choices. The need to commit to a frequent and consistent routine to provide results, which, in this environment, is tough to say no to. In fact you leave feeling so bloody pumped, you’re ready to take on the world!

But this euphoric feeling only lasts so long. The reality sets in when that client leaves the initial sign up meeting and heads back to work. Or, in my holiday example, ‘back to the day to day grind.’

Making the decision to improve your health and wellbeing by signing up to a bootcamp is a fantastic first step, but the results only come from frequently and consistently attending the sessions and sticking to any dietary recommendations provided. The answer to how we do this requires a much more in-depth response than this post will allow, but let me just provide three pieces of crucial advice…

1. Set an audacious goal that stretches your boundaries of your own belief. If your goal doesn’t scare you a little bit, it’s not stretched enough, so test yourself.

2. Break that stretched goal down into bite-sized chunks. Eg, a target you can see yourself achieving at the end of each day.

3. And this is the big one!! STICK TO IT!! If your bite-sized (or daily) goal is to read 10 pages of your favourite novel, or learn a new chord on your guitar, or eat one piece of fruit, then do not go to bed until these bite-sized goals are achieved.

Then, watch as that audacious goal turns into an achievable one.


To your continued health and fitness,

John Field

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