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I’ve been running my own business now for 9 years and over that time I have heard countless excuses for why people can’t or don’t exercise. The one excuse that stands above all others is… “I don’t have time to train.” If this is, or has ever been you, then you need to read this article.

In my early days I used to take this as a legitimate excuse. Some people just seemed to be overwhelmed with work. They were way too busy to train. Fair enough I thought.

I have since worked with hundreds of clients. Mothers, fathers, tradesman, CEOs, students working two jobs. No two clients are ever the same, but they all have one thing in common. They’ve all managed to find the time to exercise.

If I’ve learnt anything from my clients, it’s this… Everyone has a story. From high stress jobs, travelling long distances to and from work, to family demands, everyone’s story is compounded by their own version of how tough life is. It would seem that there’s a legitimate reason to not train for almost anyone. But here’s the thing – we all have the same 168 hours in a week. No one gets to cheat the system. It’s what you do with the time you have that defines your outcome. So it got me thinking, why is it that we still use this excuse and think that it’s a ok?

The answer is simple. It’s because its ‘relatable’. We all know how hard life gets. Whether the demands come from work or family, our time is precious. So when we are pressed to do something we want to do, there’s a whole list of things we could prioritise before thinking about ourselves, and by putting these things before ourselves, we effectively give ourselves a reason (excuse) not to train.

The challenge is to resist the temptation to look for that reason. Here’s a great example I learnt some time ago. By removing the word ‘have’ with the word ‘make’ from the following sentence, “I didn’t have time to train”, you’ll start to think differently not just about your training, but your work, relationships, and life in general. You will learn to take responsibility.

And if that doesn’t get you across the line, try this. If you really think you’re too busy to train today, ask yourself this… Will you be less busy in 6 months? How about 2 years from now? The truth is, with today’s technology, we have the ability to work around the clock if we choose. And with it, a list of excuses as to why we ‘don’t have time to train’.

So I’m calling you out! Stop looking for excuses. I don’t care if you’re a CEO of a company, a mother of five, or a student working three jobs to pay off a loan. If you want to see change in your health and fitness, you need to stop saying you don’t ‘have’ time and start ‘making’ time. It’s time to put yourself first.



To your continued health and fitness,

John Field

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