Whenever I speak to clients who have struggled with weight loss as their specific goal, they invariably give the same response…

“I’ve tried all sorts of diets, with little success”, or “with the diet I am on, I have to eat salad, I can’t wait to finish”.

When we think of the word diet, it conjures up unpleasant images of having to live on soup and lettuce leaves for a month in order to drop a dress size or look good at the beach. Let’s face it, the word diet doesn’t have a very good image. It suggests a short term necessary evil for a greater good.

Viewed in this way, it’s no surprise so many people struggle with diets and weight loss.


Did you realise that the way you eat today; the food you’re eating right now is literally the description of ‘your daily diet’?

The term ‘I’m on a diet’ suggests there’s an end date, (‘I’ll be off it soon’). All too often this is the motivation for trying the diet in the first place, making it less about your health and wellbeing, and more about looking forward to getting back to those habits that got you in trouble in the first place. A couple of things to get you thinking…

On average we eat the same 10 things every week.

When you go food shopping, do you find yourself always reaching for the same foods without thinking?

When was the last time you tried cooking a dish at home for the very first time?

Now that you’re thinking about your ‘top 10’ list of foods, go through them in your head and ask yourself how many of them are nutrient rich (colourful fruits and vegetables) and how many are loaded with sugar (take away food) If the result is in favour of sugary foods, don’t despair…

There’s a good reason for this.

Fast food ticks 3 of the 4 boxes, for reasons behind why we eat.




Unfortunately, it doesn’t tick the most important box. Providing the body with the right nutrients to keep the body and mind healthy.

So the question becomes… Can I create sustainable eating habits that satisfy my hunger, taste good, are quick and easy to make and eat, AND provide me with all the nutrition my body needs to get me through the day?

The answer of course is yes, however there is one thing that needs to happen to make this a reality. The breaking of old habits. Don’t underestimate how difficult this is to do. But think about this…

If you break old habits now and start planning and preparing your food for the week, you will create realistic sustainable eating habits for the rest of your life; aiding in your goal to lose weight; increasing your energy levels and immune system, and best of all….

You’ll never go ‘on a diet’ ever again.